NewFoundDance was created in 2008 by Robyn Breen. After completing a year of dance studies in Toronto, Robyn returned home to Newfoundland for four months to share what she had learned with her fellow performers. The result was NFD’s first Summer Showcase in St. John’s, and it was a huge success. NFD produced a second Summer Showcase (featuring live music by Toronto based band, Jane’s Party) in St. John’s  the following year before trying it’s luck in Toronto. “Alert! Electric Popsicle Field” (2011), and “Sweet and Salty” (2012) are two of the successful mixed programs presented in Toronto, Ontario.

For it’s 5 year anniversary, NFD returned to St. John’s to present “Sirens and Monsters” at the LSPU Hall featuring works by Breen, Amanda Chretien, James Daly, Charlotte Fowlow, Jo Leslie, and Tammy MacLeod.

NFD has hosted classes and workshops in St. John’s with local and visiting artists. A workshop series in Toronto titled “Somethings in Spring” has featured guest artists Laura Desiree, Hannah Etlin-Stein, Pulga Muchochoma, Matt Power, and Cara Spooner.
NFD’s most recent project is The Movement Market, an evening of performance art and social gathering. The inaugural Market took place on September 20 at MISFITSTUDIO. The second incarnation is set to take place on February 21, again at MISFITSTUDIO.

Robyn Breen grew up dancing in St. John’s, NL. After a year of language studies at Memorial University, she transferred to York University in Toronto to study dance. There, she had the opportunity to perform with the York Dance Ensemble, dancing works by Rachel Brown, Debra Browne and Meagan O’Shea. She studied composition and choreography with Carol Anderson, Keiko Kitano, Donna Krasnow, and Julia Sasso. In 2010, Breen received her B.F.A. (Honours) in Dance.

After graduation, she decided to further her dance training by attending The School of Toronto Dance Theatre where she graduated in 2013.

As a professional artist, Breen has worked for Patricia Beatty, Jo Leslie, Meagan O’Shea and Christianne Ullmark, and has been sought after to lead workshops in both conditioning and performance enhancement. Her solo “SIREN”, choreographed by Jo Leslie, has been presented at The Festival of New Dance and The Atlantic Dance Festival.

Breen has received grants from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.

Some of Robyn’s choreographic works include “Spoiler Alert!”, an interaction
between dancer and television; “brain”, a solo created for Andrew Hartley that
suggests life was more fun as a kid; “3:16”, a solo about the female role in early
religion heavily inspired by the music of Hildegard von Bingen; and “Skipping
Stone”, a collaboration with musician Jeff Giles (Jean on Gene, Jane’s Party)
questioning, does the stone sink, or does it return to shore? Currently, she is developing “Laughing Merlin and The Romanticals”, with support from the Toronto Arts Council.
When not dancing or creating new work, Robyn is very passionate about her career
as a Pilates instructor. She finds pleasure in helping others feel strong, confident and


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