This is a party: it also has performances.

Those performances will feature the following beautiful humans:
Damian Norman (with Will Hamilton)
Jane Allison McKinney (with Emma Kerson)
Candice Irwin & Arthur Ross
Bryonie Wise (author of Heart Roars)
SaMel Tanz (Samantha Schleese & Melissa Hart)

The party takes place at MISFITSTUDIO (that’s 761 Queen Street West) and it’s on Saturday, January 30th. (That’s soon!)

The doors open at 8:00pm, and the first performance will happen around 8:30pm. Come and go as you please; stay tuned about the timing of each performance so you don’t miss your favourite star.

$15 DOOR

To purchase in advance, e-transfer to
You will be e-mailed confirmation once added to the guest list.